My Photography Is A Mosaic Of Me...
Randy C. Anderson is a photographer, writer, outdoorsman, and naturalist who is passionate about wildlife and nature photography. His study of wildlife began when he was a boy and kept growing as the years went by. He started hunting at age ten, but started hunting with a camera in his early twenties. He became serious about his photography in the 1970's, and his passion for photography continues. 
Randy's photography includes fashion, food, product, travel, and outdoor sports. His work in those areas have appeared in magazines, newspapers, advertising, marketing pieces, online and electronic media of all types. He has published four books including Dancing With Butterflies, a book devoted to the butterflies of Oklahoma. The Mother Road – Route 66 In Oklahoma, which covers the entire length of the highway that still exists in the state. Oklahoma Lights, highlighting some of Oklahoma's beautiful and unique Christmas light displays. The Way I See It, was his first book, a book about the wildlife of Oklahoma. The books are currently out of print and Randy is working on new eBooks that will incorporate many updates.
In addition, Randy has had over forty-five articles he has written and illustrated with images published in Distinctly Oklahoma Magazine as a fairly regular contributor. Those works featured wildlife, travel, outdoor, and topics relating to Oklahoma. Sadly, the magazine has closed its doors, as have many other publications across the country.
Officially retired, Randy continues to follow his passion for wildlife photography, especially birds. He and his wife Lisa have been avid birders for over forty years, and they  manage a somewhat elaborate set of bird feeding stations around their home in the Tulsa area. In the three short years since moving to the Tulsa area, they have documented sixty species of birds visiting their feeders. Other frequent visitors include squirrels, opossums, raccoons, a rat snake, western ribbon snake, cottontail rabbits, grey tree frogs, and a host of insects  — Randy always has something to shoot! Well, they do have a certified wildlife habitat in the yard.
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